Superstitions About Placenta

March 26, 2009 Admin 0

The purpose of a human placenta is to nourish a human in the womb.  However, many cultures have superstitious beliefs about this ephemeral organ that […]

Cutting-Edge Graphing Software

March 26, 2009 Admin 0

Companies working in both the science and engineering industries rely on graphing software as a key component of their everyday operations. This type of software […]

28.5 Volts?

March 16, 2009 Admin 0

While older aircrafts generally used a 12-volt power supply, the aircraft being built today use a 24-volt battery. These aircraft batteries are actually comprised of […]

Bernanke: Fix Banks First

March 4, 2009 Admin 0

Stabilizing the financial system is of the utmost priority in order to incite recovery, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke recently told the Senate Banking Committee. “If […]


March 4, 2009 Admin 0

To enjoy a boat to the fullest, buyers want to be sure they are informed about the warranty on the boat and its parts. Owners […]